Once you have enabled your Industry Award and Classified Staff and you're ready to do your first Payroll Export, you can integrate your Payroll & Accounting Software with Tanda.

Go to Payroll > Payroll Manager:

Next to your Award, select Manage Award. Under your Award, you will see a section called Payroll integration.

Depending on the type of system you use, you'll either see a button to link automatically or to download a configuration report.

For Xero and MYOB ARL, click:

This will automatically push over to your system the new Pay Item/Payroll Categories required on the Tanda Managed Award Template, as well as update your staff rates to apply to the award. This may take about 5 minutes. 

Just keep in mind for Casuals, Tanda uses Base Rates and then adds 25% in the Award rule, so if you were previously using their Base Rate as including the 25%, their rate will look different. 

Once this is enabled, the button will change and you'll be able to see when Tanda last made updates to your system, with the date and time below:

For other systems, the button will look like this:

Click the button to open a report which you can use to match the two systems. This can be used as is on screen (with the ability to copy the text so you have it word for word) or you can also Print to save as a PDF. After you have added the new Pay Items and Rates, your system is integrated.

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