To configure your Timehsheet settings
Settings > General Settings > Timesheet

You are able to choose if you would like your Tanda account to be set to either 12 or 24 hour time. Simply click on the link and choose your preference. The time preference will be reflected on all aspects of your Tanda account.

Who is able to do what in Timesheets for your organisation?

  • Allow team managers to edit/approve their own timesheets
    When this is unticked, Managers can still see a copy of their Timesheet, but the fields are greyed out meaning they can’t edit any times.
  • Employees can add times to their own Timesheets
    When this is ticked, staff can access the Employee Portal as well as logging in to My Tanda to fill in their times. This is useful for missed clock-ins as well as staff that work remotely. If it is unticked, the Portal will be disabled.
  • Employees can make changes to all timesheet fields
    When this is ticked, staff who have been invited to My Tanda can add allowances to their timesheet as well as add/change the award tags on the timesheet. These will still need to be approved by their Manager, Payroll Officer, or Admin before export.
  • Employees can use Timesheet Exports Summary
    When this is ticked, staff will be able to see the Timesheet Export Summary on their timesheets. This is a useful when you want staff to be able to see how they are being paid

Advanced Settings

  • Automatically approve timesheets created from rosters
    If you're not using a Time Clock to record shifts, you may create Timesheets based on the Roster. To save you having to approve each timesheet, you can set it so Timesheets will automatically approve if they're created from the Roster. Ensure this option is ticked and once you click Create Timesheets from the Tools option in Rosters, you'll automatically be taken to the Timesheets page where all the Timesheets will be approved. If you want to double check and manually approve timesheets from the roster still, just ensure you have this unticked.
  • Automatically place shifts in teams
    When staff clock in or out, Tanda can record the Team an employee was working in on their Timesheet. This is used for reporting inside Tanda and your Payroll software. This will allocate based on the Team the employee was rostered to and if they weren't rostered on, it will put them in their default Team on their profile. 
  • Show an extra dropdown to adjust shift costs (award tag)
    Tick “show an extra dropdown” if you would like an additional dropdown to show on Timesheets for award interpretation or Higher Duties. If enabled, this will show a list of award tags that the employee can work.
  • Minimum duration between shifts (hours) & Maximum shift length (hours)
    Allow Tanda to pick up when one shift ends and another begins by configuring the maximum shift length and minimum duration between shifts. Each Shift Lengths field relates to figuring out which shift a clock-in / clock-out should be attached to.

If two clock-ins come through that are more than Maximum Shift Length hours apart, they will be put onto different shifts.

This is useful if someone clocks in at 11am, forget to clock out, then clock in again at 6am the next day. If the setting was a large number of hours, we could consider the second clock-in to be a break on the first shift, and put them on the same shift.

The minimum duration between shifts is a subsequent check on the one above. If a clock-in comes through, and the current "open" shift we have is clocked out, we use this setting to determine if this is part of a break, or a new shift. This setting only applies to shifts that span overnight.

By default the maximum shift length is set to 14 hours while the minimum duration between shifts is 8 hours. Generally, we advise just leaving these settings as is, as they cover the majority of businesses and scenarios.

As with all the Settings, if you make any changes, don't forget to click Update Settings at the bottom to save.

If you would like further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or 

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