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Tanda keeps a record of any SMS sent to staff, whether it be the roster, passcodes or other notifications. If you want to check which staff have recieved an SMS from Tanda, Tanda Admins can access this data in the SMS log.

To access the SMS log, hover over your organisation name in the top right hand corner and select SMS Log.

The log will list the Time, Recipient, the Message and the Delivery Status of every SMS that has been sent from Tanda:

If you want to look for a particular staff member or date, just use the filter in the top right hand corner or the date period selector.

If the message is showing here, then it has been registered as being sent through our SMS provider. Sometimes it can take a minute or two for this to be received by the person, especially depending on their phone reception at the time.

If you are still concerned that a staff member hasn’t received a message, please let Support know at

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